My experience with the support group was a trying one. In my first few visits with our support group, I cried more in an hour then I have in months.

It was really uncomfortable to do so. But the days after a meeting with Reyna and the group were some of the most motivated and uplifting times.

It was pleasant to have new thoughts to back up on, rather then the same old negative habitual ones. And although there is a lot of discomfort in coming to terms with my emotions, the benefits are amazing.

The first step is the hardest, and that was bringing myself to the meetings, but once within the group of safety i flowed for sure. Time flew, and it was a beautiful connection among family friends, and people i have met only through the group. I am really excited to have these support meetings. They change my life, and i love the discomfort, i crave it, it means I’m growing!

Thank you so much Reyna! Your beautiful!

Love and Lots of it!!!

The rose that grew from concrete